DALI Repeater

DALI Repeater




Input signal : DALI DT6/DT8, Push DIM (Extended mode only)

Input: 100-240VAC

Rated DALI input current: <2mA

Output signal: DALI DT6/DT8

Rated DALI output current: Max. 220mA

Output mode: Extended mode, Relay mode



5 tahun




BQ-DALI-RR repeater allows to amplify the DALI signal (relay mode)

and to extend DALI fixtures (extended mode). You can set the relay or

extended mode via DIP switches. The output with load capacity serves as

DALI Bus Power Supply, which effectively solves the difficulties of connecting

to multiple fixtures and extending the signal transmission distance.

The relay mode is mainly used for amplifying the weak DALI signal and

reducing signal distortion in long-ditance transmission due to line loss and

environmental interferences.The repeater can extend the maximum DALI

line length from 300 m to 600 m.

The extended mode enables the output to connect up to 64 fixtures. With a

DALI repeater, the output fixtures can be dimmed in sync with buttons and

ensure the consistency of lighting changes.


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