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Since 2007, We are a Shenzhen based manufacturing LED Drivers company, taking on Triac dimmable led drivers, 0-10V dimmable led drivers, Dali dimmable led drivers, and compatible led dimmers, and no dimmable led drivers, like constant voltage led drivers and constant current led drivers … all that sort of stuff.

Okay, we only somewhat completely focused on making a sort of LED Drivers and providing the lighting services. How nice would it be to work with a led drivers factory that actually gets you?!

It’s nice. Really nice. That’s not just us saying that either. It’s also our relatives, lovely clients. Anyway, click a few buttons, check out some of our products, and get to know us a bit better. If you get lost looking around our website you can click our online chat, 24/7 support.

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Ok, we could keep talking about ourselves but that would only convince you so far. Instead, we invite you to chat with us or visit us and see if you like us.

You may be interested in getting more knowledge about led drivers, one of the informative articles we regularly post on various led drivers topics. These articles offer a great perspective to grow your knowledge and get to know us at the same time.

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LED drivers have played a pivotal role in some of the greatest innovations in the LED industry, from the driving of led tube lights and panel lights to the lighting projects of spectacular skyscrapers that define iconic cityscapes. It’s these accomplishments and the proud scientific and technological exploration behind them that drive our vision at boqi LED Drivers: Bringing together accessible, top-grade products and a proud sense of ownership and community.

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The boqi led drivers journey started in 2007 with a mission to provide affordable, quality LED drivers to those who are devoted to illuminating the world. Drawing on their decade’s worth of industry experience, our founders started manufacturing high-performance and functional LED drivers and dimmers and used third-party platforms to establish a presence within the LED lighting community.

How LED Drivers and LED Dimmers Are Made

The facility is located in Shenzhen, China. Based on the modern machines and experienced know-how team, our led drivers and led dimmers production is intended for the premium end of the led lights, smart home, and IoT industry. The manufacturing of led drivers and led dimmers comprises a number of stages. They include coating tin or red glue, SMT, reflow soldering, DIP, wave soldering, cutting, repairing soldering, functional, and age testing. The manner in which these steps are performed may be adjusted depending on the product.

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boqi Production Processing – Kitting

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boqi Production Processing – SMT

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boqi Production Processing – AOI

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boqi Production Processing – Manual Soldering

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boqi Production Processing – Inspecting

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boqi Production Processing – X-ray Cleaning

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