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75W 24V RF Dimmable LED Driver PB-75-24

Constant Voltage RF Dimmable LED Driver 75W 24V

Model PB-75-24


Input voltage: 100-240Vac
Output power:0-75W
Output voltage: 24Vdc


  1. Dimming interface: RF Wireless, AC Push-Dim
  2. Match with RF 2.4G single color remote control, 1 RF LED driver accepts up to 10 remote controls.
  3. Universal AC input / Full range.
  4. 1 channel constant voltage output.
  5. Typ Auto-transmitting function:  30m control distance
  6. Synchronize on multiple numbers of LED drivers.
  7. Light on/off fade time 3s selectable
  8. Overheat / Overload / Short circuit protection, recover automatically

Warranty  5 years

Application  LED strip, lightbox, luminous character

Certification  CE, EMC, RoHS



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